The Orange County Superior Court offers the opportunity to appear remotely in various case types. To locate information regarding available options, select the applicable case type link below. The public is encouraged to take advantage of remote appearance opportunities to reduce travel time, parking cost and potential hearing delays.

Members of the public should also check the Local Rules of Court posted on the court’s website as well as department rules, if available, for additional details.

Case Type Click Here For Details
Appellate Division

Appearance Procedure and Information - Appellate Division


Small Claims (Civil)
Evictions/Unlawful Detainers
Restraining Orders (Civil)
Administrative Appeals
Name Change (Civil)

Appearance Procedure and Information – Small Claims  

Appearance Procedure and Information – Evictions  

Appearance Procedure and Information – Restraining Orders  

Appearance Procedure and Information – Administrative Appeals  

Civil Limited

Appearance Procedure and Information – Limited Civil

Civil Unlimited and Complex

Appearance Procedure and Information – Civil Unlimited/Complex

In-person appearances are required, except for appearances in Dept. CJ1 and remote appearances approved by the courtroom. Contact the assigned court clerk to request a remote appearance.
Dependent Adult Abuse
Family Law
Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court hearings are conducted with in-person appearances by parties, attorneys, and other persons entitled to be present unless approved for remote appearance by the Juvenile Court Judge.

Juvenile Court does not broadcast or livestream any proceeding for remote public viewing.

For further information and instructions on how to submit a request to appear remotely in a juvenile court proceeding, please Click here:
Juvenile Court Traffic
Juvenile court traffic arraignments are scheduled as remote appearances. Click below for further instructions:

Juvenile traffic court trials are scheduled as in-person appearances.
Probate/Mental Health

Appearance Procedure and Information - Probate/Mental Health

Small Claims

Traffic arraignments are scheduled as remote appearances. Click below for instructions and to access the link to appear remotely:

Traffic court trials are scheduled as in-person appearances.