ADA Accommodations

Jury staff of the superior courts do not ask past or prospective jurors for information regarding credit card, bank account information and Social Security numbers. Please do not provide this type of information to anyone claiming to be associated with Jury Services. Please contact our office if you receive this type of request.


To ensure that individuals with disabilities can fully participate in and benefit from the public services offered by the County of Orange, the Board of Supervisors adopted a policy prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities in June of 1994.

Request for Accommodations

To request ADA accommodations, please click Here to access the court's instructions and information on requests for accommodations.

Received a Summons?

Please telephone the Office of the Jury Commissioner at 714-834-7000 if you need more information about access while serving. Our TTD number is 714-834-5410.

We may be able to provide you with more accessible parking, American Sign Language Interpreter or other assistance to help you serve as a juror. Give us a call. We would love to have you serve as a juror!

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