Would you like to support the Orange County Superior Court’s commitment to serving the public and the judiciary by providing high quality legal services and advice to promote sound decision-making in all areas of court operation and administration?

Some of the classifications include:

Deputy General Counsel

There are two separate and distinct Deputy General Counsel positions, both under the administrative direction of the General Counsel. One Deputy General Counsel position manages and oversees the Judicial Assistance Group (JAG) unit while providing legal support and guidance to judicial officers, senior leadership, and staff. The other Deputy General Counsel position manages and oversees the administrative functions and activities of the Court's Legal Research Attorney unit. Both Deputy General Counsel positions supervise employees within their assigned unit, provide legal support for all facets of the Orange County Superior Court, provide information and assistance to judicial officers, Court employees, and the general public regarding policies and procedures.

Research Attorney Series

Performing high quality and timely legal research on behalf of judicial officers; examining, analyzing, and interpreting available information and submitting recommendations in matters before the Court; provides legal advice and counsel to the Court on various matters, may serve as temporary judge as authorized.