Notice re Law & Motion Deadlines: The Probate Division assigns law and motion hearing dates based on capacity and does not consider the procedural rules applicable in each and every case. It is the responsibility of the parties to make sure all procedural requirements are met. If a party knows that an assigned hearing date falls outside of applicable cutoff dates as set forth in the Code of Civil Procedure, the party should file an ex parte motion seeking to either advance the hearing date or allow the matter to be heard after the usual deadline. Alternatively, the parties can file a stipulation agreeing to have the matter handled through the Law & Motion Commissioner/Temporary Judge Hearing Option. (See below for more information on that program.)

Notice re Law & Motion Calendaring: Please note that the Probate Division sometimes reassigns law and motion matters to a different time and department. Parties should check the WEEKLY LAW AND MOTION CALENDAR link below about a week before the hearing date to confirm the time and department assigned to their motion.

Probate Tentative Rulings

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