Video Arraignments

Court appearances are mandatory on misdemeanor and felony cases, unless directed otherwise by your attorney or the court.

WARNING: Failure to appear may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.


Pursuant to California Penal Code section 977(c), the court may permit the initial court appearance held in any state, county, or local facility on felony or misdemeanor charges, except those indicated by a grand jury, to be conducted by two-way electronic audio video communication between the defendant and the courtroom, in lieu of the physical presence of the defendant in the courtroom.

Our court in collaboration with the Orange County Jail and the Anaheim Police Department are presently conducting arraignments via video, for both misdemeanors and felonies. The efforts in alleviating the significant and reoccurring over capacity in these jail and court detention facilities have been realized. Central Justice Center and the North Justice Center are actively conducting these types of hearings.

The deputies at the jail facilities will play a video tape of the defendant’s rights, advising them of their constitutional rights and the right to be present in the courtroom. All defendants must sign a consent form prior to the video arraignment. A Public Defender and Spanish language interpreter are present at all respective jail facilities.

If a defendant has been arrested, he/she will be housed at one of the jail facilities. The defendant may be detained for up to two court days or up to 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays pursuant to California Penal Code 825. The Prosecuting Agency can file a charge(s) against the defendant and the defendant may be arraigned prior to being released. To check status of an in custody you can either check the Orange County Jail, Orange County District Attorney’s office, City Attorney’s office or the court’s online case access web pages.

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