Last update: Jan 6, 2014
Dept Judge Noticed Motions Heard EX Partes Heard: Telephonic Notice to Courtroom no later than: EX Parte Application Presented in Courtroom no later than:
CX101 Andler,
(657) 622-5301
Mon, 1:30 PM

Tentative Rulings

Additional Guidelines for CX101

General Policies and Procedures 

Law and Motion Procedures/ Misc. Notices

Court Reporter Pooling
M - Th 9:00 AM 10:00 AM day before Ex Parte hearing 12:00 PM, day before Ex Parte hearing; opposition must be in writing
CX102 Moss,
(657) 622-5302
Fri, 9:00 AM
RESERVATIONS REQUIRED, please visit our on-line Reserve a Motion Date.

Tentative Rulings

General Policies and Procedures 

Initial Case Management Order 

Court Reporter Pooling
M - Fri, 8:30 AM None. No reservations needed 11:30 AM day before Ex Parte Hearing
CX103 Bauer,
(657) 622-5303
Mon, 9:00 AM

*If Monday is a holiday, Law & Motion is heard on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.

NO Tentative rulings
NO reservation required

Exhibit Information 

Court Reporter Pooling
Tue & Th, 1:30 PM
*Proposed order required
10:00 AM day before Ex Parte hearing
Reservation must be made with courtroom prior to hearing being set.
12:00 PM, day before Ex Parte hearing
Courtesy copy required by 12:00 p.m. day before Ex Parte hearing.
CX104 Dunning,
(657) 622-5304
Wed, 1:30 PM

Tentative Rulings

Court Reporter Pooling
Mon-Tues & Thurs-Fri;
please call department to reserve your day and receive an appearance time
10:00 AM, day before Ex Parte hearing 2:00 PM, day before Ex Parte hearing
CX105 Colaw,
(657) 622-5305
Fri 10:30 AM

Tentative Rulings

General and Trial Procedures Guidelines  

Ex Parte Procedure  

Court Reporter Pooling
M-F 1:30 PM
12:00 PM day before the Ex Parte hearing 3:00 PM day before Ex Parte Hearing